Bible Distribution

Give the gift of a Bible

Distributing the Bible to those who were without one was the primary motivating factor in forming Bible Society in Australia in 1817 and has been our central concern in the centuries which have followed. It was the scarcity of Scriptures in the new colony which led Lady Elizabeth Macquarie to influence her husband, Governor Lachlan Macquarie, to form the first Bible Society here. It caused her great concern to discover that “more than one-third of the dwellings, and nearly three-fifths of the inhabitants who can read, are without a Bible”. In the first two years of Bible Society’s operation, nearly 3000 Scriptures were distributed.

Our country, and our world, has changed a lot in the intervening years, but the need to distribute copies of God’s word in whatever format is accessible to people has not. With your support, Bible Society provides Bibles and other Bible products to people both overseas and in Australia, many of whom have never owned their own Bible.

Support projects such as:

  • Provide the scriptures in Australia: Distributing the Bible and scripture resources around Australia.
  • Bibles in prisons, South Africa: Distribute Bibles to graduates of a Biblical Discipleship course.
  • Bibles in schools, Australia: Equipping scripture teachers with Bibles.
  • Children and youth in Kenya: Distributing Bible resources to the marginalised.

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