Australia: Distributing God’s Word


Each year, Bible Society Australia distributes Indigenous Bibles and Scripture Resources to organisations and churches who minister to Indigenous communities around Australia, free of charge, through our Scripture Grants program. This ensures that Indigenous Scriptures are not only published but are made available to the local church communities, engaged with, and lead to transformation.

There are many challenges and difficulties in ensuring the distribution of Indigenous Scriptures around the country. Most of the languages translated belong to remote communities in the Top End of the Northern Territory, central desert communities and remote communities in the Kimberley and Far North Queensland.

There is a great need for this work of distribution, as without it, decades of work on Bible translations would not be realised. A reliable method of distribution is needed, so that communities can receive and celebrate the availability of God’s word in their heart languages.


  • 21.4% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people live in remote or very remote areas
  • 43.8% live in regional areas

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