Egypt: The Light of Literacy


The Bible Society of Egypt (BSE)’s Children and Adult Post Literacy project aims to build on basic literacy skills in students of all ages and prevent a relapse into illiteracy. This project facilitates personal and spiritual development as individuals accept responsibility and take initiative for their ongoing learning.

The quality of education in Egypt is low on the world scale. Teaching styles can sometimes be rigid; pupil participation is not encouraged enough. Many schools have poor infrastructure. Children often fail to properly learn literacy skills and a lack of practice can cause them to fall back into illiteracy. Those who are non-literate, often have poor communication skills and difficulties in focusing, listening, and understanding. Without this life skill, opportunities are limited, and personal confidence is also reduced.

In the Egyptian church, when children drop out of school, they often drop out of the church as well. Illiteracy means that many young people find it hard to focus, listen and understand at church, leading to disengagement from church life.


  • 25% of people in Egypt are non-literate (16 million people)
  • 10-15% of the population are Christians
  • 80% of children leave Sunday school when they reach secondary school

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