Gospel Parables in Sri Lankan Sign Language


The Ceylon Bible Society (CBS) is translating the Gospel Parables of Jesus into Sign Language for the Christian deaf community in Sri Lanka.

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There are over 300,000 deaf people in Sri Lanka, of which it can be assumed 8% are Christians. The World Health Organisation in 2019 revealed that approximately 9% of the population in Sri Lanka has loss of hearing. The deaf community is marginalised socio-politically, and deaf people are unable to get required services efficiently from schools, hospitals, banks, courts and more, due to the lack of Sinhala to Sign Language interpretation support.

There are only five Christian schools for the deaf, and only five church denominations translate their church services into Sign Language.

A visit to the School for the Deaf in Ratmalana convinced the Ceylon Bible Society of the importance of providing the children and young people with the Scriptures in their own language, Sign Language.

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