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Help us celebrate 200 years of sharing the Bible in 2017

Become a lighthouse church

Live stream the National Celebration of the Bible at your church
Some churches may wish to combine their services and meetings on the day

Play selected sections of the event during your regular service
If you’re not able to livestream the event, the simulcast will be available to playback after the event.

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In 2017, we celebrate 200 years of sharing the Bible worldwide, through God’s provision of those who support us in prayer, time and finance.

It’s only fitting that in our bicentenary, we bring the mission back to where it all began.

This year, partner with us to fundraise and get behind Get The Word Out all around this country.

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Our vision is to see all people engaged with the Bible in a language they can understand, in a format they can use, and at a price they can afford.

Help us fund the mission at home.

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Register as a Lighthouse Church

Do you have:

  1. Accessible geographic location with ample parking
  2. Willingness to invite other nearby churches/congregations to join them on this day ‘to celebrate the Bible’ on the Bible Society’s 200th Birthday
  3. A fixed broadband connection (for streaming) and a high-resolution projector and screen.
  4. Willingness to provide Bible Society Bicentenary collateral to each person attending.
  5. Willingness to stream the simulcast including the messages from Glenn Davies and Brian Houston.

Bible Society will provide:

  1. Advertising of ‘Lighthouse Churches’ locations via our website and using our Church Relations Representatives.
  2. A guide for host pastors (to assist them to introduce the simulcast in their service).
  3. Bicentenary collateral for seat drop and/or handout.
  4. Advice on promotion in the lead up to the 5th of March.
  5. Access to the special Bicentenary resources including video stories.

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