PNG: Supporting Bible Translators


Bible Society Papua New Guinea (BSPNG) is supporting seven Bible translation projects in seven different languages, working with partner agencies who will publish the completed works.

Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) 840 tribal groups are crying out for the Scriptures in their own languages. While Tok Pisin and English Bibles are available, many — especially in rural villages — do not speak English and are not fluent readers of languages other than their own first language.

In the past, Bible translation work was often coordinated by foreign missionaries who lived among the people, often for years. Today, community church groups are themselves taking up the task, frequently with no outside support. Several local language groups have approached the Bible Society for assistance and guidance to carry out translations of the Bible, or portions of the Bible, into their own language.

Technical translation support is needed, as well as help with the simple costs of writing paper and pens, computers and internet connectivity, which are often beyond the means of the local groups.


  • About 85% of the population in PNG live in rural communities which have few or no facilities such as electricity, running water, telecommunications.
  • 840 distinct languages have been identified in PNG

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