The Gulf: Literacy for Women


Bible Society Australia is partnering with Bible Society in the Gulf (BSG) to empower marginalised Sri Lankan domestic workers living in Bahrain with essential literacy skills.

Illiteracy is a significant problem among the Sri Lankan domestic workers in Bahrain, whose exact numbers are not publicly available. Although most Sri Lankans are Buddhist, after they live in Bahrain for some time, many become Christians. Though it is hard to determine the number of Sri Lankan Christians, Sinhala churches want to empower their non literate members to read God’s word.

Migrant domestic workers, often unrecognised formally in Arab countries, face discrimination based on various factors like gender, race, origin, social status, religion, and migration status. They confront numerous challenges, including low wages, delayed payment, long hours, inadequate time-off, lack of social protection, poor living conditions, and various forms of abuse, highlighting the need for justice.


  • 1.48 million people live in Bahrain
  • 50% of Bahrain’s population are thought to be migrant workers (the non-Bahraini population is 52.2%)
  • 12% of the population are Christians [2022]

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