Australia: Auslan Bible translation


The Auslan (Australian Sign Language) project provides Bible translations for deaf people in Australia. In 2020, the project paused to transition into a new committee. Now that the translation work has relaunched, the team is moving towards more translation work and Bible engagement resources, including the production of Auslan animation videos. 


In 1996, Bible Society was approached by Christians in the Deaf community to help them translate the Bible into Auslan. In the two and a half decades since, the team has worked under translation consultant John Harris and project chair Mac Adam. Auslan is primarily used in Australia, and is one of about 130 sign languages worldwide. 

In 2020, when John and Mac both turned 80, the Auslan translation project began to transition towards new leadership under fellow Bible Society translation consultant, Amy Cruickshanks. Part of the transition to new leadership will involve the training of new deaf translators. 


  • Auslan is one of around 130 sign languages world-wide  
  • More than 16,000 people in Australia use Auslan at home (2021 Australian census) 

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