Australia: Bibles in Schools


Bible Society Australia seeks to serve and equip volunteer teachers and instructors participating in Special Religious Education (SRE) and Christian Religious Instruction (CRI) by providing them with a Scripture Grant for Bibles in Schools to be used during lessons.

Many public school students in Australia lack familiarity with the Bible, with a substantial number of the 2.6 million students having never been exposed to the narrative of God found in its pages. For some, the relevance of the Bible to their lives and the world around them remains unexplored, as no one has guided them in understanding its significance.

Nevertheless, certain public schools offer religious education classes facilitated by volunteers from churches. Bible Society Australia is dedicated to supporting these committed volunteers in conveying the message of the Bible to Australian children. This commitment is manifested through the provision of free class sets of Bibles, made possible by the Bibles in Schools grant. This grant empowers Scripture Teachers to afford their students the unique opportunity to hold, navigate, and read a Bible during their classes in public schools.


  • 2.6 million public school students in Australia 
  • Less than half of all Australians (45%) own a Bible 
  • Less than 1 in 3 Generation Y’s (32%) own a Bible 

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