Bibles for Marginalised Children and Youth

Distribution in Kenya


The Bible Society of Kenya is committed to placing a Bible in the hands of marginalised young people, one student at a time, so that even when they are old, they will turn to God’s word and not away. These Bibles will be distributed as a part of the Christian Religious Education in schools.

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According to UNESCO, there are 8.3 million primary and 7.5 million secondary Kenyan students, all of whom can participate in Christian religious education at school. Kenya is a Christian country and as a result both Christian Religious Education (in primary and secondary school) and the Program for Pastoral Instruction (PPI in primary school) are approved by the Kenyan School system. However, according to research by a child outreach network, 98% of public primary schools do not have Bibles available in the classroom to assist in these lessons. Kenya is described as a lower-middle income economy. However, more than 30% of the 47 million population are living in poverty. Most families, therefore, would not own a Bible.

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