Australia: Equipping Chaplains


Bible Society Australia (BSA) seeks to serve and equip groups who are ministering to Australians in all areas of life by providing Scripture Grants which can be used to acquire Bibles and Scripture resources. This includes the Chaplaincy and Parachurch grant (C&P), through which BSA supplies Scriptures and gospel resources in English and also heart languages for people from other nations via chaplains and gospel workers.

The C&P grant allows chaplains and those serving with Christian ministries to reach out to people in prisons, detention centres, hospitals, aged care homes, youth hubs, red-light districts and other circumstances of vulnerability, providing resources relevant and helpful for whatever situation people find themselves in.

The needs vary. Many of the patients in hospitals that these chaplains would minister to, for example, haven’t been to church for years and have no regular Christian teaching input. Hospital admissions, serious illnesses or injuries are often catalysts for them to rethink about their relationship with God. The Bibles and Scripture resources provide for them a gentle reminder of God’s goodness, love and mercy, and provide comfort.

This grant also supports ministries running English as an additional language groups and classes. The grant helps fund Bibles and resources for all these groups.


  • 8.2% decrease in number of people affiliated with Christianity in Australia from 12.2 million (52.1%) in 2016 to 11.1 million (43.9%) in 2021. (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
  • 46% of millennials in Australia have reported having no religion and have the highest proportion of ‘No religion’ across other age groups in Australia (2021 ABS census)
  • 11.8 million hospitalisations in Australia from 2021-2022 (AIHW)

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