Lebanon: Gods Word for Refugees


Working with humanitarian aid agencies, Bible Society Lebanon is offering hope to refugee children through an interactive drama presentation about reconciliation and forgiveness, based on Bible stories. The presentation — called “Reconcile!” — is accompanied by the distribution of literature which paraphrases Bible stories about reconciliation.

Lebanon hosts over 1.5 million registered refugees, and humanitarian agencies are struggling to keep up with their basic needs. Entire generations are being born and brought up in confined camp facilities with very low hygiene and an absence of social and educational platforms. Children are being brought up amid hate, despair and vengeance. Mitigating this negative atmosphere, along with helping children to overcome their trauma, is a huge need.

Bible Society has been approached by several humanitarian agencies to assist by entertaining children in the camps, using hopeful and positive strategies as well as appropriate trauma healing techniques. The Bible, the book of hope, will be the source of these presentations in the camps.


  • 1.5 million Syrian refugees along with 210,000 Palestinian refugees are taking refuge in Lebanon 
  • About 49% of Syrian refugee families suffer from food insecurity.  
  • 60% of Syrian refugee families live in overcrowded, endangered, or substandard housing 

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