Rwanda: Literacy Building Futures


Bible Society Australia is partnering with African Enterprise Rwanda in implementing a literacy project seeking to improve literacy among students and ensure a brighter future for all Rwandans.

Rwanda’s education system, hosting 3.6 million students, boasts a 98.8% primary school enrolment. Yet despite government commitments, challenges persist, especially in early literacy.

The 2018, Early Grade Reading Assessment revealed 70% of Primary 3 students struggle with reading, hindering progress and contributing to high dropout rates. Gender disparities and insufficient support for children with disabilities worsen the issue.

The 2022 census indicates a 22.3% illiteracy rate, with a notable gender gap. Rural districts, like Gatsibo, face a higher illiteracy burden, including spillover effects such as teenage pregnancies. Essential improvements involve improving the curriculum, providing teacher training, upgrading school infrastructure, and increasing community engagement in education.


  • There are over 3.6 million students in Rwanda’s education system
  • 70% of students haven’t learned to read by the third grade of primary school
  • Rwanda has a 22.3% illiteracy rate

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