PNG: Rebuilding Bible Society


Bible Society Papua New Guinea (BSPNG) urgently requires capacity building to reach future generations with God’s word. The focal of this project is establishing sustainable and impactful Bible-based mission work.

There are more than 880 languages in PNG with more than 300 languages yet to receive any Bible translation. Almost 89% of the approximately 8.9 million people are in the (largely remote) rural areas. Much of the population is uneducated and live in poverty. Literacy is a major challenge; many would not be able to read the Bible. There is a vast need for Bible translation, Bible distribution, literacy and church partnerships, especially in the rural areas.

The word of God already has a place in the rural communities of PNG. The people living in these remote communities consider the distribution of Bibles of paramount importance.

To meet these needs, it is essential that the Bible Society is present and sustainable.


  • 880 languages in PNG 
  • 300 languages yet to receive any Bible translation 
  • 60,000+ Tok Pisin, Huli and GNB Bibles, New Testaments and Psalms were shipped in 2023

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