Mozambique: Literacy for Life


Bible Society Australia is supporting Mission Educate in running a Bible-based literacy project designed to provide basic literacy, numeracy and life skills. It targets those living in impoverished city areas and rural communities who have little access to education and works with churches who have very few literate people among their communities.

Mozambique, one of the world’s poorest nations, grapples with over 50% of its population living below the poverty line. A legacy of oppressive colonial rule has left the country with a national sense of inferiority.

The religious landscape is diverse, predominantly Christian, yet literacy challenges hinder easy understanding of the Bible. The lack of solid biblical teaching fosters unbiblical beliefs and practices.

The intertwining issues of illiteracy and poverty form a vicious cycle: poverty compels children to forgo education, perpetuating low incomes and trapping many in persistent poverty. This cycle fosters a deep sense of shame and worthlessness. Addressing these challenges requires urgent efforts to provide accessible literacy education for both adults and children.


  • 32 million people live in Mozambique
  • Over 50% live below the poverty line
  • 67% live as subsistence farmers
  • 42% are non-literate

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