Bangladesh: Empowering Literacy


The Bangladesh Bible Society (BBS) are reaching non-literate women with the word of God through a literacy course in the rural areas of Bangladesh, giving them the opportunity to read and write, as well as listen and interact with the Bible. In turn, the skills they learn enable the women to teach their children, impacting their families and their church communities.

There are around 172 million people in Bangladesh, and only around 74% are functionally literate. Most people in rural areas cannot read the Bible, or any book. Women living in remote areas of Bangladesh are poor and have had very little opportunity to access an education.

Many of these non-literate adults have a desire to learn and study. Some have the Scripture available to them, and are hungry for the word of God, even though they are not able to read it. They are eager for an education, so they can read God’s word.

Although the Christian population of Bangladesh is at 0.3%, in the target communities of this literacy course, the majority have Christian faith; the Garo community are all Christians, the Santalis are 95% Christian, and the rest are Bengali Christians.


  • 172 million people in Bangladesh
  • 74% of the population are functionally literate
  • 61% of the population live in rural areas

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