Support Arab-Israeli Christians

Help keep the Arab-Israeli Bible Society alive!


This project is ensuring an ongoing presence and viable operation for the Arab Israeli Bible Society (AIBS). Located in Galilee, the project is needed to serve the Arab Israeli community with Scripture resources and interactive community events focused primarily on women and families. This will serve both the local church and broader community.

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The Arab Israeli Bible society exists in a war zone, and their country is tense. The 1.7 million Arab citizens of Israel live as second-class citizens and are considered as a demographic threat by many. Arab Israelis are often ignored in political decisions, and many live below the poverty line, suffering economically in comparison to the standards of the state.

The Arab Israeli people (Arabs who became citizens of the State of Israel after its establishment in 1948) are a group lost between Jewish Israelis and Arab Palestinians. Arab Israeli Christians are a minority twice over: only 20% of Israelis are Arabs (1.2 million), and only 2% of Israelis are Christian.With such a small population of Arab- Israeli Christians, the AIBS struggles to maintain a core presence or operations from domestic Bible sales and fundraising income.

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