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Our Work

200 years of sharing the Bible

Early in the life of Australia, passionate community leaders like Lady Macquarie created the Bible Society. They knew it wasn’t just government that could build a nation. It would need people of hope, people who live light.

Today, we’re Australia’s longest-living organisation. Over the last 200 years, the Bible has done Australia a lot of good. And there’s a lot more good it will do yet. So we’re creating new ways to advocate for the Bible, to promote it, and offer people new ways to engage with it.

Our vision is to see all people engaged with the Bible in a language they can understand, in a format they can use, and at a price they can afford.

What We Do

Bible Society Australia is committed to giving access to the Bible across the world. Alongside this we advocate for and engage Australians here at home and people around the world with the Bible.

In order to pursue our mission, Bible Society Australia undertakes a range of activities:

We translate the Bible into the world's languages

We support the ongoing task of translating the Bible into the world’s languages, including in Indigenous languages and sign language (Auslan) in Australia.

We provide Bibles to those who want one

We provide free Bibles and Scripture portions to Mission groups, Chaplains of hospitals, prison & defence force as well as to Scripture teachers. We also produce Bible resources to help people engage with the Bible.

We help others understand the Bible

We run local Bible engagement campaigns as well as overseas and indigenous Bible-based literacy programmes.

We tell the world why the Bible is so good

In many ‘post-Christian’ countries, we need to advocate for the beauty, truth and goodness of the Bible. We do this by equipping Christians to be more confident in the Bible. We also champion the Bible by engaging the media, universities, schools, and prominent think tanks with high quality and well-researched print, video and audio material about the relevance of Christianity in the 21st century.

Our projects

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  • Africa

    Your support will help Bible Society run literacy programs for women in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania. This program aims to empower 40,000 women and girls who are speakers of 16 minority languages by equipping them with functional literacy by the end of 2020 and also train an extra 1,600 literacy facilitators.


  • Arab-Israel

    As Arab-Israeli Christians are a double minority in Israel (a minority among Jews and among Muslims) Arabic Bibles and Christian books are difficult to source. Local Arab Israeli Christian churches also struggle to financially support their pastoral staff. Your support of this project will help ensure a mission presence and the viable operation for the Arab Israeli Bible Society in Israel, providing Bibles, resources & training to the local church.


  • Australia

    Help us distribute free Scriptures through countless servants of God ministering to those in need across Australia. In 2016, Bible Society distributed 70,000 Scripture resources to Christian ministries, but we’re not even scratching the surface. Our mission partners tell us they simply don’t have enough Scriptures to give those who are asking. Your donation will help us supply Bibles and Scripture resources to ministry workers in Australian schools, hospitals, prisons, uniformed services and will also fund Indigenous Bible translation work.


  • Bahamas

    Many perceive the Bahamas as an idyllic playground for fun, relaxation, sea and other forms of entertainment. However, what is not widely known is that domestic violence is threatening the very fabric of the society. The Bible Society is working with local churches to equip Ministers to become effective ’first-responders’ to victims of domestic violence as well as victims and even perpetrators of domestic violence. Your support will help the local church be agents of change to their society.


  • Bangladesh

    The Bible Society has set a goal to reach those who can’t read the Word of God through an Advanced Literacy Course so that people from the rural areas of Bangladesh have the opportunity to read, write, listen and interact with the Word of God. In each class, about 20-25 participants will meet for one hour a day, five days a week. These classes are run by facilitators of the rural church of each denomination and the materials will be supplied by the Bible Society staff (Literacy Supervisors).


  • Botswana

    The Bible Society is sharing God’s word with the Defence force & police in Botswana. Due to their occupation, those in the army & police are subjected to emotional drainage, trauma and spiritual fatigue. For this reason, the Bible Society will not only distribute scripture to recruits but will also provide socio-spiritual support and build capacity among the trained chaplain assistants who care for them countrywide.


  • Cambodia

    Illiteracy rates in Cambodia are highest in remote rural areas where teachers, if they exist at all, may only teach for two hours a day as they need to earn additional income. School in rural areas can be very far and inaccessible and poor families expect their children to help in the fields and provide for the family. Sending a child to school is often considered a luxury they can’t afford. Through the Bible-based ’Learning through Listening’ audio literacy classes, Bible Society will provide 600 literacy classes to both disadvantaged Christians and non-Christians who have not learnt to read Khmer.


  • China

    In China, the demand for Bibles has increased every year. Since the establishment of Amity Printing Company in 1987, 67 million Bibles have been printed in China. However, if this number is compared with the unofficial total number of Christians in China, there are still many who do not have a copy of the Bible. Your support will help the millions of Chinese Christians in Mainland China, particularly to those in the rural areas, to be able to purchase a copy of the Bible at an affordable price and provide free Bibles to those who are needy.


  • Cuba

    Due to the extremely difficult living conditions in Cuba, women, men and children are all affected by violence. The Bible Society in partnership with local organisations is responding to this growing rate of violence by providing practical training to pastors, Sunday School teachers, and Youth leaders to be aware and know how to minister to families affected by violence.


  • Egypt

    This project is intended for adults and school children who have just learned to read and write. Although they are in school, or have gone through literacy classes and finished their courses, their reading skills usually are never developed further. This project will help adults and children to read the Bible as a way to further their education and literacy skills.


  • Iraq

    The Bible Society encouraging Christian communities in Iraq through addressing their physical needs for food, medicines, and supplies as well as their spiritual needs to encounter God’s love, and reaching out to other minority communities.


  • Laos

    The Bible Society is providing reading skills to those who are illiterate throughout Laos through an audio-literacy program. This will give those who cannot read the opportunity to learn how to read for themselves, as well as the skills to read the Scriptures for their own personal growth. This, in turn, will allow them to better contribute to the development of their communities.


  • Lebanon

    The Bible Society will be running a program aimed at offering hope to the refugee children in Lebanon through an interactive drama presentation about reconciliation and forgiveness stemming from Biblical stories. Starting year 2017 trauma healing components for children will be included in the program.


  • Mongolia

    The Bible Society’s work in Mongolia aims to meet the urgent demand for a Mongolian translation of the Bible that is in a language that is easy to understand. This project has the potential to produce an exemplary translation in Mongolian and could have a strong impact among Mongol-speakers around the world.


  • Nicaragua

    The Bible Society and local partners will be training ministers and volunteers to provide spiritual support to children in hospital with cancer, their families and the staff who care for them.


  • Pakistan

    Teaching a Pakistani woman to read impacts not only her but her whole family and community as many women transfer their skills to all those around them. This is why the Bible Society is working on providing literacy skills to Christian women in Pakistan, especially to those living in rural areas. Through providing literacy skills, we allow these women to have the opportunity to read the Scriptures for their own personal growth, and also to contribute to the building and development of their families. As part of the Bible Society’s contribution, scriptures portions for new readers will also be made available to students after the completion of the women literacy courses.


  • Philippines

    Bible Society in partnership with local organisations is running the ’Trauma Healing for Hurting Women Program’ to help Filipino women who have suffered from trauma. It is our prayer that through this Trauma Healing program, more women would find true and lasting comfort and safety, and be wholly restored in the community, move on in life, and experience “life in all its fullness” through knowing Jesus Christ.


  • Portugal

    Although Portugal is considered to be a Catholic country, secularisation and consumption have meant the Bible has been sidelined and forgotten where 30% of households do not have access to a Bible. In partnership with local Christian organisations, Bible Society aims to distribute one million ‘History of Jesus’ brochures to children in Portugal as well as displaying an exhibition about Jesus and the Bible in public schools around the country and developing an online course and kit to help churches to engage with young audiences.


  • Round Table Exchange – Sydney

    The Roundtable Exchange is the largest annual United Bible Societies event. It offers Bible Societies opportunities to work together to develop ministry initiatives and to share fellowship, expertise and experience. This project will help equip 150 Bible Society workers from across the globe to take part in this event.


  • South Africa

    Through a 16 week Biblical Discipleship programme, the local Bible Society team is helping prison inmates in South Africa to engage with the Scriptures to understand what the Bible teaches on practical issues of Christian life and to also how to practically tackle HIV. The Bible Society will also be working on a project to supply free scripture material to teach basic literacy to mainly pre-school to Grade 2 children in disadvantaged areas.


  • South Pacific

    Bible Translation work under the Bible Society South Pacific has continued to help develop and deepen the spiritual lives of individuals and Churches in the Pacific through this multi-year project. This project focuses on the development of the body of Christ in one section of the Pacific, the Eastern Pacific Islands which include Niue, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Wallis & Futuna, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, and the French Polynesian countries.


  • South Sudan

    After generations of oppression, war and genocide, the South Sudanese people received their independence on July 9, 2011. However, the newly emerged Republic continues to be faced with social unrest, armed conflicts, tribal disputes and several other challenges impacting their daily lives. It is in this context that the Bible Society will run its literacy project to help Shilluk Christians to read the Bible in their own language. This project will help Shilluk churches to help the non-literate communities around them to read and understand the Word of God and thereby empower them to receive the message of love, hope and reconciliation in the context of a troubled world.


  • Syria

    Despite the threat of war, Bible Society is giving thousands of children and youth of Syria the opportunity to encounter the peace and love of Jesus Christ through the distribution of Scriptures and colouring books. Our hope is that they will be encouraged by these Scriptures and have the chance to know our Lord, who is the main refuge of all mankind.


  • Vietnam

    The Bible Society is currently translating the Bible into languages spoken by Vietnam’s minority groups as well co-ordinating the Bible-based ’Learning through Listening’ audio literacy program in rural areas.


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Established in Sydney in 1817, Bible Society Australia’s activities take place as part of the United Bible Societies who operate across 200 countries.

We are one of the most extensive mission groups in the world and do our work in partnership with churches, providing resources and Bible-focused campaigns and community programmes.

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