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Eternity News to close

By Virginia Siu | February 21, 2024

An important announcement from BSA Group CEO, Grant Thomson: Dear Friends, It is with a heavy heart that I announce the difficult decision made by Bible Society Australia Group to end Eternity News in its current form, marking the closing chapter of a significant era. This means that effective 30 April 2024, the Eternity News […]

Bibles For Bubs Business As Usual for Bible Society.

By Sarah Poonan | January 31, 2022

Like most great ideas, it began as a thought bubble, which grew into an unformed concept, which shaped up to a magnificent dream and erupted into a reality that is now into its fifth year. Today, Bibles For Bubs opens for registration for babies born in 2021. And throughout this year, the program will also […]

Grace. The Antidote to our Achievement Addiction.

By Virginia Siu | August 26, 2021

We live in a world obsessed with merit and achievement. And while lockdowns may push the phenomenon behind home office doors, Dr Justine Toh says it’s nonetheless true: we’re collectively addicted to achievement — and we can’t get enough of it. In her new book, Achievement Addiction, Dr Toh argues that our culture worships hard-won […]

Can we think better? New book says yes!

By Virginia Siu | June 9, 2021

Dr Mark Stephens is on a mission to help Australia think. Despite our access to a huge array of information, Dr Stephens says we might not be as good at thinking as we first imagine. His just-released book, The End of Thinking?, is a reflection on how we can fail in our thinking, and how […]

Bibles for (2020) Bubs Open for Business

By Virginia Siu | February 2, 2021

What started as a lovely idea has morphed into a significant labour of love! Bible Society’s Bibles for Bubs was first launched in 2018, and now four years later Bible Society is calling for parents of babies born in the year of COVID to claim their free gift of a toddlers’ Bible. By year’s end, […]

Syria’s worst days are now – and you can help

By Virginia Siu | September 3, 2020

Social media is full of opinion pieces, personal stories, and clever memes about how to live life in a pandemic. Some tell us it is okay to feel grief or sadness, confusion or emptiness. Others suggest that we should focus on gratitude and treat each day as fresh with new possibilities. Some even negate the […]

Is Chicken Little alive and well in our COVID world? …and what can we do about the sky falling in?

By Sarah Poonan | August 26, 2020

Dr Natasha Moore, author of the Australian Christian Book of the Year, announced last night, in an online event, is today releasing another book. Acorn Press is delighted to introduce you to the first two imprints of the Re:CONSIDERING series: The Pleasures of Pessimism by Natasha Moore and The Cost of Compassion by Tim Costello […]

Calling all 2019 newborns – We have a Bible for you!

By Virginia Siu | April 21, 2020

Behind every passion project is a devoted creator, and Bible Society’s Bibles For Bubs project is no different. Belinda Faulks, Bible Society’s appropriately named Projects and Relationship Manager, birthed the project (get the pun, hee hee) three years ago and has handwritten 7,000 birthday cards in that time. Why? Because each baby who is registered […]

Why are we here, now, 2020 looking forward to a new decade?

By Virginia Siu | April 3, 2020

At the start of this year as we began to develop exciting new plans, we had no idea of what else was building and we had not heard of something called ‘social distancing’ or COVID-19. Now as I write, most of our staff work remotely. You, our beloved supporters, are isolated from your loved ones, […]

Zombies at Easter – I don’t think so

By Virginia Siu | March 2, 2020

Would you ever think of zombies and superheroes when describing the Easter story to a child? I mean it is an unusual story. A man nailed to a cross and left to die, stabbed in his side to check he is dead. A curtain ripping in two. And then this same man coming back to […]

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