South Pacific Capacity Building


This capacity-building project is intended to boost the effectiveness and sustainability of Bible Society SouthPacific, addressing economic obstacles caused by COVID-19 and communication challenges due to poor access to technology. Bible Society Australia will provide technical and consultative help with the project.

Bible Society South Pacific serves 16 independent island nations with a total population of 2.8 million. More than half (1.7M) live between minimum wage and the poverty threshold, mostly in isolated and underdeveloped rural communities. The impact of COVID-19 has been especially severe for these economies, as they are small islands with limited natural resources, distant from major markets and often reliant on tourism.

Demand for Bibles is growing within Fiji and around the South Pacific. However, Bible Society is struggling to bring in new stock. COVID-19 has also impacted the Bible Society’s sustainability due to the evaporation of tourism, disruptions to international trade and supply chains, and reduced donations. Addressing their financial situation is urgent. The team is using inadequate equipment, such as laptops. These technological limitations make it difficult to communicate with mission and translation coordinators based in the islands.

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