South Pacific: Enabling Growth


Bible Society Australia is supporting Bible Society of the South Pacific (BSSP) to boost the effectiveness and sustainability of BSSP.

BSSP serves 16 independent island nations, totalling 2.8 million people, with 60% (1.7 million) falling between minimum wage and the poverty threshold. To effectively reach this population, BSSP requires improved connectivity and accessibility. It is essential to address challenges in transitioning mission and outreach information to digital platforms, including addressing the lack of skills and proper IT equipment.

Additionally, supporting full-time staff and Regional Coordinators is crucial for accelerating the implementation and impact of BSSP projects across missions and translation efforts.


  • 16 independent islands which the Bible Society serves, covering 15% of the world’s surface. 
  • 60% of the population live between minimum wage and poverty threshold  

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