Scripture Grants

Funding front-line Bible ministries

Bible Society Australia's Scripture Grants Program funds front-line Bible ministries in Australia with the generous financial support of God’s faithful people.

Our Grant Programs

This program provides scriptures and resources to chaplains and gospel workers in prisons, hospitals, ports, military bases and training centres, and in school scripture classes. Grants are provided to ministries who receive no direct support from a denomination or church for the benefit of those in their care.

Bible Society Australia welcomes applications from all ministries including work with refugees, the homeless, the poor, those learning English and those struggling with addictions and other efforts to engage Australians with the Bible.

Our major grants programs are:

As a result of the ongoing and generous support of our donors and the prayerful diligence of workers in these front-line ministries, thousands of people across Australia engage with the Bible each year. Together we Open The Bible to all people everywhere.

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