Nicaragua: God’s word for Kids with Cancer


Since 2009, the Bible Society of Nicaragua (BSN) has run the Hope and Smile for Children with Cancer project in the Manuel de Jesus Rivera Children’s Hospital, or “La Mascota”, the only hospital in the country to offer specialised care for children with cancer. Through trained pastors and volunteers, BSN provides regular and ongoing spiritual support to families through Bible distribution and devotional classes, plus practical assistance to cover costs associated with transport, medicine, nutrition and coffins when needed.

In Nicaragua, families often struggle to bridge the care gaps caused by inadequate resources in the country’s hospital system. This impacts the children’s recovery chances, especially those from remote areas lacking basic services, and facing issues like poverty and malnutrition, compounded by transport challenges leading to incomplete treatments. This project offers the children of the La Mascota hospital and their families spiritual assistance four times a week to strengthen them and point them to the faith and comfort found in God’s word.


  • Around 25% of families in Nicaragua live in poverty and over 8% struggle in extreme poverty (World Food Programme)
  • 11.6% of all deaths among children and adolescents in Nicaragua (1-19 years) are due to Cancer with 284 new cases per year (2021 PAHO Childhood Cancer Profile)

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