Pastoral care

Give Scriptures and support to families with children battling cancer in Nicaragua

The Bible Society and local partners are training ministers and volunteers to provide spiritual support to families who’s children are hospitalised with cancer. With your help, scriptures and support will also be provided to the medical staff who care for them.

“This has been very powerful for us to see how families are able to know what the word can do, that is in their hands and not in our hands,”
comments Project Manager, Rebeca Alfaro Pauthz.

In 2020, the project aims to distribute nearly 8000 Bibles to children, and their parents, 260 to pastors and volunteers and 500 Bibles to hospital staff. In addition, more than 40,000 Bible portions will be given to outpatient children. Bible Society of Nicaragua also plans to train 260 pastors and volunteers this year to lead devotionals and provide spiritual care.

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