South Pacific: New Caledonia Bibles


Bible Society in the South Pacific is coordinating this project to see the translation of the Old Testament in Ajië, the New Testament in Nelemwa and the digitisation of existing Bible translations among three other languages spoken in New Caledonia, to reach more speakers of each language with God’s word.

There is a great need for Bible translation among the people and languages of New Caledonia. With a predominately Christian population, there is much support of the Christian message, and a great demand for Scriptures to benefit those living in rural areas and the outskirts of the main towns.

The population of New Caledonia is young, with 48% of the population being 24 years old and younger. These young people speak both their common national languages and their indigenous languages, and there is a great need to produce the Bible as an electronic text.

The work of digitising and reviewing the Bibles that were first translated by the early missionaries and translating or adapting the Scriptures into contemporary languages is ongoing, and crucial to meet the needs of the younger population.


  • 285,498 people live in New Caledonia (2020, UN data)
  • 48% of the population are 24 years old and younger
  • 96.94% of adult population (aged 15 years and above) in New Caledonia are literate

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