UBS: Literacy Advice in Asia Pacific


This project aims to strengthen Bible Societies in the Asia Pacific for literacy work by funding United Bible Societies (UBS) Literacy Advisors. Advisors collaborate globally to establish a literacy framework, guide project prioritisation, ensure quality, and assist Bible Societies in planning and implementing literacy programs in their countries.

Without help from literacy experts, Bible Society literacy projects would lack quality in design and implementation. Literacy experts are required to ensure that projects are the very best in both of these areas.

Literacy work is central to Bible Society’s mission around the world, educating the non-literate, and breaking down the barriers imposed by illiteracy. Equipping people with literacy enriches their lives in many ways, including enabling them to read God’s word for themselves.

The United Bible Societies are committed to giving the 750 million non-literate adults around the world access to God’s word.


  • 750 million non-literate adults around the world.
  • 18 Bible Societies in 52 countries are supported by UBS
  • 26 Bible Society staff from 13 Bible Societies attended the Literacy training workshop in June 2023.

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