Rwanda: Improved Literacy through Education in Reconciliation

Providing Bible-based literacy and healing


With this project, BSA’s mission partner African Enterprise are seeking to address emerging issues linked to a declining commitment to Christian faith, and a resultant decline in moral and ethical foundations. It will do so by promoting literacy and reconciliation based on biblical principles.

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Rwanda is a densely populated (with 12 million people), land-locked country, in east-central Africa. Despite dramatic progress in reducing poverty and lifting living standards in the last three decades, Rwanda still ranks 160 out of 189 countries according to the Human Development Index. 13% of young people below 24 are functionally non-literate. While it is close to 30 years since the genocide that hit worldwide news, the memories and scars of that period are still very close to the surface. Children born during the genocide are now adults.

Many are confused by the differing narratives around the massacres and reconciliation processes. Adding to the complexities, former prisoners, jailed for their involvement in the genocide, are now being released back into the community. Many people and communities struggle with revived feelings of pain, vengeance and retribution. Social cohesion is elusive.

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