Uganda: Holistic Literacy Skills


This project aims at developing literacy skills among non-literate Kupsapiiny, Ma’di and Ng’akarajong speakers, enabling men, women and young people with literacy skills to empower them in engaging with the Bible and in developing holistically.

When the Bible Society of Uganda published and distributed some newly translated Bible portions in the Sabiiny, Ma’di and Karamoja sub-regions, the reception of the Scriptures faced the challenge of illiteracy among those communities. The literacy levels in Uganda are about 70%, especially in urban centres. In regions like Karamoja sub-region, Sebie sub-region and Ma’di sub-region, literacy levels have been low despite the said economic growth of the country.

If the Bible is to be read and engaged with meaningfully, then the people need to be literate. Newly translated Bible resources will also be left futile if the community can’t read. Having literacy skills will also help the communities liberate themselves from poverty as they develop during holistic training sessions.


  • 70.2% adult literacy rate in Uganda
  • 12% literacy level in the Karamoja sub-region
  • 66% literacy level in the Ma’di sub-region
  • 60.8% literacy level in the Sebei sub-region

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