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The Bible

Here for good

The world's most read book with over 5 billion copies printed

So why is it so good for Australia?

Over the last 200 years, the Bible has done Australia a lot of good:

Belief in human dignity
The Bible is a foundation to our human rights and our legal system

A passion for community service
Bible readers are more likely to volunteer to help others.

Our great charities
Of the 30 largest charities in Australia, 26 are faith-based.

The values we cherish
The most common ANZAC statement is “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” It’s a Bible verse that captures our national vision for humility, sacrifice and friendship between equals.

A vision of eternity
If there is one Bible word all Australians would recognise, it’s eternity. It’s the message of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ, a love that will last forever.


About the Bible

The Bible is not one book but a collection of writings by people from many and varied backgrounds. Each writer was guided by the Holy Spirit of God, yet their individuality and character is still evident.

It is all one story, however – about God, who loves his creation so much that he himself paid the price that would restore humanity to fellowship with God. The Old Testament looks forward to, and the New Testament centers on, the life, death and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the Bible is to show us who God is, what God is like, and what he has done. As we read its words we understand more of what God in his love requires from us.

Over 200 years of sharing the Bible in Australia

For more than 200 years, we’ve been championing the Bible across the world, from prisons in Australia to churches in China.

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Current: Walking as I Am

Bernard Gabbott, minister of Narrabri Anglican Church in north west NSW says, "In rural Australia - in fact right across Australia - we are very keen on 'identity' - who we are, what drives us, where we are going, where we fit in life. God is pretty keen on identity too  - and Paul writes Ephesians with that in mind." As we read the Bible with Bernard, we will move through Ephesians, where "God lovingly draws us back to know the confidence of who we are as his people, in this world, moved by his purposes." Bernard Gabbott prepared this series, called 'Walking as I am', and is also collaborating with BSA on a series of sermon resources for rural pastors and churches. The series will run from Dec 2 - Dec 15.

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Upcoming: The birth of Jesus

Part of the wonderful strangeness of the arrival of God’s Messiah on earth is the fact that he arrived by being born, just like us. And yet, everything the angels say in announcing the gestation and birth of Jesus reveals that this is no ordinary baby. He is God’s promised Messiah and it is him alone who can redeem God’s people. The beat of his heart, even in utero, was the beat of a new heartbeat for the world. How marvelous that our Deliverer was first delivered, and in the promise of his coming, and the news of his birth, we will consider the purpose of his coming, different responses to this news, as well as our response to him today. Prepared by Dr Laurel Moffatt. This series will run from Dec 16 - Dec 29.

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