Vietnam: Easy to use Study Bible


Bible Society Vietnam is translating the Old Testament and related content to complete a Vietnamese Study Bible, an easy-to-use resource for Vietnamese Christians to deepen their engagement with the Bible and grow in their faith. 

The increase in church planting has led to a strong need for accessible resources to improve biblical knowledge among lay preachers, Sunday school teachers and enthusiastic attendees. Vietnamese evangelical Christians received a revision of their Vietnamese Bible in 2010. They now need a one-volume, easy to use Study Bible to help them engage more meaningfully with the Bible.

While Bible Society Vietnam also understands there is a need for a scholarly edition of the Bible, for the time being, the needs of the average church goer are the most urgent — for an accessible Study Bible that aims to serve the majority of Vietnamese evangelicals.

Over two years (2018-2019) Bible Society completed the work on the New Testament of a Vietnamese Study Bible. The work included the adaptation of the study notes of the CEV Learning Bible (New Testament) to the Vietnamese Study Bible, and the development of new materials relevant to the Vietnamese context.


  • 1 million+ Vietnamese evangelical Christians (according to the 2009 Census)
  • Less than 6% of Vietnamese are non-literate

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