South Pacific: Samoan Translation


This project seeks to complete the translation of the Samoan Old Testament in contemporary language, to join with the contemporary New Testament which was completed in 2009. With the completion of the Old Testament translation, it will be possible to publish the whole Bible in the contemporary language.

The Samoan communities have requested the translation of the Old Testament into the contemporary language after the completion of the New Testament in 2009. Samoa is politically stable, and the culture is very supportive of the Christian message. This religious freedom helps in gaining support and acceptance for Bible translation work.

The estimated population of Samoa is 205,557 (Census 2021), and 27% of Samoans are under 15 years old. Whilst the Bible Society has maintained the old versions to meet the older generation, it is also working at meeting the growing needs of younger and future generations. Nearly all Samoans are literate. Education is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 14; however, only a small fraction of the population has completed secondary school. Moreover, there is still a great demand for printed Scriptures to benefit those living in rural areas.


  • 100k people may be impacted by this Bible translation project
  • 27% of Samoans are under 15 years old
  • 9 Old Testament books have been completed already and awaiting review
  • 9/12 books of the Minor Prophets have had a complete review

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