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Over 200 years of sharing the Bible

Early in the life of Australia, passionate community leaders like Mrs Macquarie created the Bible Society. They knew it wasn’t just government that could build a nation. 

Today, we’re Australia’s longest-living organisation. For more than 200 years, the Bible has done Australia a lot of good. And there’s a lot more good it will do yet. So we’re creating new ways to advocate for the Bible, to promote it, and offer people new ways to engage with it.

Our vision is to impact and influence Australia and the world by Opening The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible.

What We Do

Bible Society Australia is committed to giving access to the Bible across the world. Alongside this we advocate for and engage Australians here at home and people around the world with the Bible.

In order to pursue our mission, Bible Society Australia undertakes a range of activities:


We translate the Bible into the world's languages

We support the ongoing task of translating the Bible into the world’s languages, including in Indigenous languages and sign language (Auslan) in Australia.

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We provide Bibles to those who want one

We provide free Bibles and other Bible products to people both overseas and in Australia, many of whom have never owned their own Bible. We give Bibles to chaplains of hospitals, schools, prisons and the defence forces.

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We help people open the Bible

We encourage people’s faith journey through Bible engagement campaigns as well as helping to fund indigenous and overseas Bible-based literacy programs.

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We promote the beauty and power of God’s word

We champion the Bible in the media, at universities and schools, as well as through our digital and publishing channels, always pointing to the relevance of Christianity today and always.

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About Us

Established in Sydney in 1817, Bible Society Australia’s activities take place as part of the United Bible Societies who operate across 200 countries and territories.

We are one of the most extensive mission groups in the world and do our work in partnership with churches, providing resources and Bible-focused campaigns and community programs.