Global: Christian Surfers Bible Distribution


Bible Society Australia is supporting Christian Surfers (CS) International to design, print and distribute a new edition of the ‘Surfers Bible’, with digital content links, in both English and French.

This specialised New Testament in the New Living Translation will be available to surfers around the world through Christian Surfers projects and networks.

The surfing community worldwide has an estimated 23 million, with 720,000 professional and amateur athletes who compete. Many surfers have not yet read the Bible or responded to the gospel.

There is a global opportunity presented by the next surfing event for the Olympics, which in 2024 will be held in Tahiti. Christian Surfers contacts there have requested Bibles in English and French to distribute.

With the growth of digital technology and online media, there is a need to ensure the word of God is accessible and relevant, especially to young surfers.


  • It is estimated that worldwide 23 million people surf
  • 720,000 professional and amateur athletes compete in surfing globally, including in the Olympic games
  • Over 100k Surfers Bibles and Gospels [now out of print] have been distributed in past years

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