Rwanda: Jesus. All About Life


In partnership with Bible Society, African Enterprise (AE) Rwanda is planning to empower local churches in running the Jesus. All About Life campaign this Easter. This project aims to mobilise churches to reach out to their communities with the Easter message through cultural, community and arts events.

Although it is 28 years since the genocide against the Tutsi happened in Rwanda, the scars are still noticeable among many Rwandans. There is an ongoing questioning of the culpability of the church in the violence, since it is estimated that as many as 90% of the Rwandan population was Christian at the time of the genocide. Many people are still caught up in questioning the love and sovereignty of God.

While many Rwandans profess to be Christians, many are just church goer nominal Christians. Most churches are inward looking and have lost evangelistic zeal to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ. There is a need among Rwandans to understand the importance of Christian faith which brings about a change of heart and behaviour, a more-than-nominal faith in a God who is sovereign yet has given people the freedom to choose the way they live.


  • 800,000 Rwandans died in 100 days during the genocide of 1994
  • 90% of Rwandans professed Christian faith at the time of the Genocide
  • 93% of Rwandans identify as Christians in 2021
  • Over 12.6 million people live in Rwanda

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