Tanzania: Bible in High Schools


Bible Society Australia is supporting three Anglican Dioceses in Tanzania who are running a program to promote and support the teaching of the Bible Knowledge subject in secondary schools, as well as providing all the teaching materials (free of charge) to schools that are willing to teach the subject.

Tanzania has an international poverty rate of 44.9% within its 65.6 million population (2022 World Bank data). Government secondary schools (attended by 90% of students) are typically poorly equipped and some lack teachers for all the core subjects. While the majority of Tanzanians identify as Christians (63%), their knowledge of the Bible is shallow because most households do not have a Bible.

Bible Knowledge is an optional subject in the government curriculum for all secondary schools in Tanzania, but unfortunately, very few schools offer this subject often because of the lack of expertise and teaching materials. Most schools and parents cannot afford all textbooks for core subjects let alone for optional subjects. With proper funding and support, this program aims to reach as many students in secondary schools across Tanzania as possible.


  • 63% of Tanzanians identify as Christians
  • 2.3 million secondary school students in Tanzania
  • 100,000 Bible Knowledge students as of 2023 across the three dioceses

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