Pakistan: Light through Literacy


Pakistan Bible Society (PBS) established this literacy program in 2014 and have been providing Bible-based literacy classes for non-literate Pakistani women since then. Bible Society believes that if a woman is taught to read and write, she becomes a ‘beacon of light’ to her community, with the word of God.

The current literacy rate for women in Pakistan is one of the lowest in the world, largely due to the social structure that suppresses women’s rights. Without the basic skill of reading and writing, social and economic opportunities are limited for women.

Women’s literacy rates vary throughout the country — from over 60 per cent in the capital city of Islamabad, to less than 20 per cent in some rural areas. Overall, millions are lacking this life skill. Christian women, who mostly live in these rural areas and slums, most likely lack basic literacy skills.

Being a non-literate typically leads to further marginalisation in households, workplaces, and communities. Non-literate women in Pakistan are often restricted to inferior positions at work and an inferior social standing.  


  • 58.8 million non-literate adults in Pakistan  
  • 52% of the population are women
  • 64% of women in Pakistan are literate
  • 34% of Pakistani Christian women are literate

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