Vietnam: First Old Testament


This project will translate the Old Testament for a Vietnamese ethnic minority* to join the recently translated New Testament and complete the first full Bible for this marginalised community.

These people are one of the most influential ethnic groups in the mountainous areas of North Vietnam. The growth of Christianity among the people is slow, perhaps because the current New Testament in use by the churches was translated by a diaspora group of the same ethnicity. While similar to their language, it cannot express and communicate God’s word naturally for the people living in Vietnam.

Many of this ethnic minority, especially the young, cannot read the ancient text of their language and there is currently no Scripture in their contemporary language for them to read. There is a great need for Bibles to be translated into today’s language.

The local people requested a New Testament in their language from Bible Society Vietnam, which was completed at the end of 2023 after four years work. To complete the full Bible, the ethnic group need the Old Testament in their language so they can use it to preach, study, and share their faith.


  • 848,000 people belonging to this ethnic minority live in Vietnam
  • 0.17% are Christians, approximately 1,400

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