Malawi: Jesus. All About Life


African Enterprise Malawi (AEM) is partnering with Bible Society Australia to engage the church with the Jesus. All About Life (JAAL) campaign, enhancing their efforts to share the word of God with their communities.

Many in Malawi need hope and guidance following the global pandemic and Cyclone Freddy’s impact in early 2023. In addition, there are many needs among those in Lilongwe City, known for conflict, domestic violence, and substance abuse.

While Malawi is considered a Christian nation, many Christians are nominal. There’s a significant need for robust biblical teaching to deepen their faith and equip them for effective ministry. Sound doctrine has taken a back seat in many churches, with deviation towards teachings like the prosperity gospel.

Malawi-based organisations working in evangelism, including Bible Society of Malawi (BSM) and African Enterprise Malawi, as well as members of the Evangelical Association of Malawi, are concerned about knowledge gaps within churches in what the Bible teaches regarding outreach and evangelism.

This lack of knowledge about the Bible’s teaching is compounded by the nation’s youthful population, with 70% under 30 years old, meaning many are unreached by the gospel. Additionally, most church leaders are young, contributing to the challenge.


  • The population in Malawi is 20 million people
  • Over 70% of citizens are under the age of 30
  • 85% of citizens in Malawi ascribe to Christianity

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