PNG: Bibles and Maternal Health Care


Bible Society Australia is partnering with MegaVoice in supplying audio Scriptures and health messages for maternal and newborn baby care, through the work of Living Child Inc. in Papua New Guinea, in the most remote areas of East Sepik Province.

The villages in the Keram River system are some of the most remote in PNG. The local people — the ‘River People’ — are strong and resourceful, surviving on local produce. Churches are strong in this area. Yet these areas are not reached by government services; there are no telecommunications or government health services, and most people are non-literate. For years there have been cries for help and stories of suffering from people in these remote villages, especially in relation to youth and children.


  • 40,000 population in the Keram area across 50 villages, with 150 households in each village.
  • 3-5 hour drive is needed to get villages to Wewak, the provincial capital (preceded by a boat trip from their villages)

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