Vietnam: Engaging Ethnic Minorities


Bible Society Australia is partnering with Bible Society Vietnam (BSV) to engage ethnic minority groups in Vietnam with the Bible, newly translated into their languages.


Christians from ethnic minorities are often subjected to intense pressure. These marginalised Christians need encouragement, as they face daily challenges imposed by their circumstances.

There is an urgent need for ethnic minorities to preserve their own languages and be able to read the Bible in their mother tongue language. The people speak their indigenous languages but are not familiar with reading the Bible printed in their own language, as the education system only teaches Vietnamese, and there are no books in the minority languages. Now that Scripture translation is underway in these ethnic minority languages, there is an importance to meet the peoples’ need: to help them engage with God’s word in their own language.


  • 98.8 million people live in Vietnam
  • 14.7% of the country’s population are from 53 ethnic minority groups, each with its own distinct language, culture and traditions
  • 9.2% of the population are Christians

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