Bibles for (2020) Bubs Open for Business

What started as a lovely idea has morphed into a significant labour of love! Bible Society’s Bibles for Bubs was first launched in 2018, and now four years later Bible Society is calling for parents of babies born in the year of COVID to claim their free gift of a toddlers’ Bible.

By year’s end, Bible Society will have given away close to 10,000 age-appropriate Bibles over those four years, enabling parents to teach their young children the wonder of Opening The Bible and hearing God’s stories. Bible Society hopes that early engagement with the stories of the Old and New Testaments can build a lifetime of faith and reliance on God’s word.

Why a labour of love? Because every child who has been registered for the Bibles for Bubs program receives a hand-written birthday card until they turn five. Just think, the oldest children in the program are turning 4 this year. Nearly 10,000 Bibles sent out! At their fifth birthday each child receives another Bible – the Big Rescue Bible – for primary aged children. This date becomes a marker in their own understanding of themselves and God. They are becoming big people. Old enough to go to school so now they can read more ‘grown up’ stories about God.

We at Bible Society love this project. Every year parents write to us thanking us for the gift of the Bible for their beloved small human, and tell us how well it has been received.

Wyatt’s mum wrote:

Yesterday Wyatt’s bible ‘God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook’ arrived and it was such a nice surprise to open up for bedtime. As expected, the boys absolutely LOVED it! Especially how the stories are simply worded and through many beautiful illustrations, it is perfect for these very young children.

What I did like about the Bible Storybook was that it had included the stickers so that they could personalise their very own Bible! What a wonderful way for them to get interactive!

Samuel wrote to us on receipt of his daughter’s Bible. He also loved the stickers.

“The love and creativity that’s been poured into this has blessed us. And even more so that it’s been sent to us free of cost. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

We love to hear these stories because we want everyone to be able to Open The Bible. We are grateful that our donors have a similar passion and give financially to enable this and many other projects, both in Australia and overseas, to be undertaken aimed at translating, distributing, engaging and advocating for the Bible. For more information go to: www.biblesociety.org.au
If you are the proud parent or grandparent of a child born last year, you can register for Bibles for Bubs from Monday 1st February. If you have a friend or relative who had a child born last year please share the news with them so they can register. All costs relating to the delivery of the bible are covered by Bible Society. Go to www.biblesociety.org.au/bubs for details.


Bible Society exists to help Australians Open The Bible. We want to support you make God’s loving word part of your child’s everyday life.

For more information, please contact Belinda Faulks, BSA Project and Relationship Manager M: 0412 406 218