Zombies at Easter – I don’t think so

Would you ever think of zombies and superheroes when describing the Easter story to a child?

I mean it is an unusual story. A man nailed to a cross and left to die, stabbed in his side to check he is dead. A curtain ripping in two. And then this same man coming back to life, with the injuries still visible, but able to eat, drink, walk, talk….and vanish only to reappear a distance away.

When you think about it, you could understand why a modern day child might consider Jesus to be either a zombie or a superhero or both.

Bible Society Australia engaged renowned children’s author Susannah McFarlane to write an accompanying book to the Who, What, Why, How of Christmas, published for the first time last year. The same children who featured in that book are back this Easter. Once again the cynic Josh struggles with the story.

When Josh learns that Jesus died and came back to life, he immediately suggests that Jesus was a zombie. The narrator is quick to point out two distinct differences:

No, zombies are still dead. Jesus was dead but then was alive again. And, actually, zombies are made-up things, but Jesus is real.

Grace, Abby and Tom also ask questions and seek to understand why Jesus died on the cross, what it means to experience forgiveness and the love that Jesus offers the world. At the end of the story Josh is starting to come around to the power of the story.

We all know Josh’s in our lives. They might be ten or they might be fifty.

We can no longer assume that children understand the Easter story. Here in Australia Easter represents an extended holiday and chocolate eggs brought by an Easter bunny. The religious significance is increasingly lost as less people attend Church.

These books present the Gospel message through the profound questions that children bring and the Narrator’s ability to answer at a level that is age appropriate, without stripping the reconciling gift of God’s grace of its life-giving significance.

Bible Society Australia is giving Who What Why How of Easter away. However, we need your help if you wish to take us up on the offer. We will give you three. https://www.biblesociety.org.au/whyeaster/ to apply.

We ask that you keep one, if you would like, but give the others away to families who might not know Jesus or His gift of grace.

There is much to model in this story. The narrator treats each child with respect. No one is ridiculed or dismissed. They are heard. How do we tell our friends and relatives about the Gospel? Do we listen or do we lecture? Do we try to simplify complex theological concepts so that they are relevant to our audience?

Please enjoy our Easter gift to you….and pass it on. Here again is the link to apply: https://www.biblesociety.org.au/whyeaster/

Let us know how you go; we’d love to hear.

For further information, or opportunity to interview the author, please contact Penny Mulvey, Chief Communications Officer, Mob: 0403 063 499; E: [email protected]