Eternity News to close

An important announcement from BSA Group CEO, Grant Thomson:

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the difficult decision made by Bible Society Australia Group to end Eternity News in its current form, marking the closing chapter of a significant era. This means that effective 30 April 2024, the Eternity News print magazine, website, weekly newsletter and social media platforms, along with the Eternity Jobs website, will cease.

We praise God for the profound impact Eternity News has made on the Australian Christian landscape and the blessing it has been to our readers since it became part of the Bible Society Australia group in 2011. We share our sincere thanks to readers and contributors who have supported Eternity News throughout its journey. We also acknowledge the incredible dedication of the Eternity News team, under the recent leadership of Rebecca Abbott. But also, we’d like to honour what John Sandeman did, starting Eternity on his kitchen bench in 2009. It’s amazing.

Over the coming weeks, we invite you to join us via our website and social media channels as we revisit the unforgettable stories and memories that defined Eternity News. Please take this opportunity to explore all content on the Eternity website before we bid farewell to this chapter.

With heartfelt thanks for your prayerful support,
Grant Thomson
CEO, Bible Society Australia


Bible Society Australia exists to impact and influence Australia and the world by Opening The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible.

Visit www.eternitynews.com.au/announcement or contact the team at [email protected] for more information