Bibles For Bubs Business As Usual for Bible Society.

Like most great ideas, it began as a thought bubble, which grew into an unformed concept, which shaped up to a magnificent dream and erupted into a reality that is now into its fifth year.

Today, Bibles For Bubs opens for registration for babies born in 2021. And throughout this year, the program will also be releasing its first cohort of infants, as they turn five and graduate into the next age-appropriate Bible – the CEV Big Rescue Bible.

Launched in 2018, Bible Society’s Bibles For Bubs program has given away 10,000 toddler Bibles, with another 2,000 to be sent to babies born in 2021.  These babies will also receive birthday cards for 5 years and a big kid Bible on their 5th birthday along with parent guides for mum and dad which encourage family faith-building activities and Bible reading times.

Since the Bibles For Bubs dream became reality, an incredible 23,000 birthday cards have been handwritten and posted to mark the children’s special days. Each card is accompanied by a message for the parents with ideas on engaging with the Bible relevant to their child’s age.

The idea has now taken root in another country a long way from here. Bible Society Northern Ireland has launched its very own Bibles for Babies program, following Australia’s model.

Belinda Faulks, who heads up the International Missions program for Bible Society, is responsible for that thought bubble that grew into an ongoing project.

“When we dreamt up the Bible For Bubs program, we never expected that it would be as wildly successful as it is today!” Belinda said.

“Each year, Bibles For Bubs seems to grow in popularity – last year we had 3400 babies registered in just over a week and even though that was a lot more than we had planned for – we couldn’t turn any away!”

Belinda is excited about the first group of “babies” receiving their first complete Bible this year.

“It is my prayer that each of these precious 5-year-olds will turn to their Bibles, as they learn to read, and discover for themselves the God who loves them beyond imagining and who has a plan and a purpose for their life.

“What a privilege it is for Bible Society Australia to play a small part in making sure that families have the resources and are equipped and encouraged to introduce their little ones to the word of God!”

To register your child (born in 2021) to be part of Bibles For Bubs and receive their very own toddler Bible, please go to biblesociety.org.au/bubs

Registrations close on 31 March or when 2000 babies are registered, whichever comes first.

Bible Society exists to help Australians Open The Bible. We want to support you make God’s loving word part of your child’s everyday life.

 For an interview or more information, contact Penny Mulvey, Chief Wellbeing and Communications Officer, 0403 063 499, [email protected]