Your help needed to get Bibles into the hands of Christians in China

Did you know that on any given Sunday there are probably more people in church in China than the whole population of Australia.

While the official estimate of Christians in China is 40 million, unofficially it is believed to be closer to 100 million.

The largest Bible printing press in the world – Amity Press – opened in China in 1985 following the cultural revolution. Its purpose is stated in its foyer, for all to read: “As one of the earliest non-government organisations established after China’s reform and ‘open up’ and one of the most influential non-profit organisations in China, Amity aims to contribute to the development of China’s public welfare, serve society, benefits the people and contributes to world peace.”

Its priority is to serve the Christians of China, but Amity Press needs assistance with the cost of paper to enable the distribution of more than 3 million Bibles this year.

The Director of United Bible Society’s China Partnership, Kua Wee Seng, says the magnitude of the need for the Bible in China is overwhelming. Up to a million people come to faith every year. And these new believers have one thing in common: they long for a Bible.

“Every day, every week, every month, every year, people in China are coming to Christ and they all need the Bible,” Wee Seng explained when he was in Australia earlier this year.
“Bible Society is working towards the day when we can print and distribute enough Bibles for every Chinese Christian living in China.”

Dr Greg Clarke, outgoing CEO of Bible Society, is a huge advocate for the Amity Press.
“This giant press is able to print millions of affordable Bibles for distribution in China each year. As well as producing different versions in Mandarin, it has also printed a Braille Bible and in 11 Chinese minority languages.

“Bible Society Australia joins with our Bible Society colleagues around the world in our desire to provide God’s word to every man, woman and child in their heart language.”

“We can only do this with the support of Australian Christians who feel the same. Please help. You will bring overwhelming joy to your brothers and sisters in China desperate for their very own Bible.”

For more information please go to biblesociety.org.au/bibleneed

If you would like to interview Greg Clarke about Christians in China, please call Penny Mulvey, Head of Communications and Public Affairs on 0403 063 499.