The Seriously Surprising Story – Free Easter little books from Bible Society Australia.

Many people, when they first encounter the story of Easter, find themselves ‘head scratching’.

This lyrical little book takes us back to the day we know as Easter Day – the empty tomb, and the buzz (or perhaps ‘head scratching’) that filled Jerusalem as people tried to comprehend where Jesus’ body could have gone.

Written for small children, The Seriously Surprising Story opens on the road to Emmaus, as two followers of Jesus walk and talk with much ‘head scratching’, filled with the mystery of the disappearing body. A man joins them, and they fill him in on the change events.

“It’s the biggest story
that’s ever been told
About Jesus who’s risen,
it never gets old!

The two met with Jesus
in the most surprising way!
They shared the story,
and we will still share it today.”

Bible Society Australia champions the Bible to share the love of Jesus.

“Children have a strong sense of mystery,” Greg Clarke CEO Bible Society said, “and this story of the encounter two of Jesus’ followers had with the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus as told in Luke’s Gospel (24:13-35) is full of surprises.

“It is a perfect story to discuss with children. Any parent can imagine the countless questions that the reading would provoke. Why didn’t these two unnamed followers recognise Jesus until they sat down to eat? Why didn’t Jesus introduce himself? Why did he disappear? Where did he go? Why did they run back to Jerusalem when they had only just arrived?”

The story speaks not just to the child, but also the older reader. It is filled with joy. The crucified Jesus is no more. He has risen again. He is alive and is still impacting the world today.

The illustrations by Emma Skerratt add power to author Dai Woolridge’s poetry, and many of the references to Jesus’ miracles are accompanied by the Bible verses, enabling parents and children to do further research on each aspect of the book.

This little book will be posted without cost to your readers or listeners. They just need to go to biblesociety.org.au/story to place their order. There is also an animated version of The Seriously Surprising Story below which you can embed on your own website.

If you would like to discuss other ways of promoting this book to your audience or you would like an interview, please call Penny Mulvey, head of Communications and Public Affairs, 0403 063 499.