Annual Review 2019

Bible Society Australia’s year in review: translating, distributing, engaging and advocating for the Bible.

With your help, here’s what we’ve achieved.

Badge: The Year in Review 2018-2019It’s an honour to introduce you to Bible Society’s 2018-2019 Annual Review. Our international work continues to grow apace and great progress is being made in Bible translation. Read about this important work in Indochina, the South Pacific and here in Australia, below.

We are about to enter our third year of a wonderful Bible Engagement project that was launched in January 2018. This year, 2000 Australian families received a free Toddler Bible after registering their newborn in the Bibles for Bubs program. We will continue to engage with these families for years to come as we encourage a new generation of Australians to look to the Bible as foundational to family life and living.

Again, here at home, we have worked hard to advocate for the Bible in the public square through our news service, Eternity, and Centre for Public Christianity. We were particularly proud of the reach and potential impact of the documentary, For The Love Of God.

The need for the Bible Society in Australia and the world is greater now than ever with 7106 languages spoken but only 697 with full Bibles. Your support through prayer, volunteering and giving remains as important and needed as ever and we could not do this without you.

Kind Regards,

Grant Thompson

Grant Thomson


Translating the Bible into heart languages

“When we share the gospel using [another language], God feels very far away... But in our own language, God becomes one of us,” says Tony, a minority language translator.

Kunwinku Shorter Bible
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Pitjantjatjara Audio NT
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Auslan Bible
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Bible for 2 minority ethnic groups
 almost complete

2 other groups
significant progress

Maumi NT completed after 11 years
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China: Printed 1.4 million Bibles
Iraq: 2800 families received Scripture and a care package
Bangladesh: 1000 women in 50 rural churches learning to read the Bible
Nicaragua: In the children's cancer hospital, 38000 people received a free Bible or Scripture portion
South Sudan: 15 literacy centres open
Cambodia: 21000 NT portions and Bible books given away to children and families
Australia: 90000 scripture grants

Giving the Bible to those without

Australia: 90000 scripture grants
Pie chart: Our Bible distribution work

In Australia, Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels and tracts were distributed including:

  • 29,349 through Chaplains and para church ministries
  • 9,172 through Bibles in schools
  • 8,443 through the Australian Defence Forces
  • 16,405 through Indigenous Ministries
Koorong Bookstores: 4.5 million units, including 420000 Bibles and Scripture portions

Koorong sales help us to fund Bibles for those who can’t afford to pay!

China: Plans to print 3.4 million Bibles in 2020

"The Bible is our light along the path (Psalm 119:105). With God, we will not lose our direction and it gives me strength to run on the road to heaven. I receive this free Bible to spread the gospel and give to the poor." - Lian Gengrong, age 54 

"I am Han Mingzhong, a retired teacher. I started to accompany my wife to the church this year. I feel that this belief really make sense. Thank you for giving me a Bible. I will learn the content well and give to my wife to read. Thank you, Lord." - Han Mingzhong (Lizhuang Church, Yongxu County)

Iraq: 2800 families received Scripture and a care package

Our brave Bible Society teams, who have chosen to remain and minister in the Middle East, have one simple principle: Jesus is the healer, and God’s word restores broken lives. In Iraq we provide for physical needs with food, medicines and supplies, as well as spiritual needs by providing Bibles and Scriptures. In Syria there are many trauma healing classes up and running but more are needed as instability in the region continues.


Maritza (mother of an 8-year-old cancer patient) shares: "My life has changed with the Bible, because the Bible is an instrument of God in my life, it helps me to have peace. "

Distribution work in Nicaragua: In the children's cancer hospital, 38000 people received a free Bible or Scripture portion


Using the Bible to help change lives

Events: 3200 people reached at Youth Masterclasses and other events

“We have seen a resurgence in the faith of the students that attended. Some have returned and recommitted to following Jesus. Masterclass was incredibly fruitful for us. Thank you.” Teacher attending Masterclass, Sydney.

“It was very informative and inspirational.  The speakers did an amazing job.  I feel more equipped to go into my school and show Jesus.” Masterclass student attendee, Queensland.

“I loved being challenged in my faith by every message.” Masterclass student attendee, Newcastle.

  • Christ-Centred Mindfulness: Connection to Self and God by Katherine Thompson is a bestseller and was awarded the Dallas Willard Centre’s Book and Research Award for 2019.
  • Martin Luther by Mark Worthing received a short-listing in the Australian Christian Book of the Year Awards
  • Iscariot by Mark Worthing was shortlisted for Omega Christian Writers 2019 Caleb Award.
Publishing: 35+ books published for readers in Australia and overseas
Publishing: 10000+ special edition Bibles published in partnership with schools and churches
Pakistan: 5200 women were presented with a free Bible after graduating from Bible literacy classes

“My name is Shamim Barkat ... I am 55 years old. It was pleasure for me to join the classes... I am really thankful to the Lord that in my old age I can read Bible for myself.” Pakistan.

"Before attending this class I could not read any book... I desired to read and write but I did not have any opportunity to do so. I was so curious to know about Jesus Christ and my desire has been fulfilled after attending this literacy class. I personally came to know Jesus from stories which are given in the literacy books and CDs.’’ Mrs. Mina Rani Roy, aged 45, Bangladesh.

Lebanon: 1000 refugee children given a Scripture and audio CD following literacy class graduation

“When we first came here, [our children] didn’t know how to read or write. But now after going to school, they know how to read and write. Thank God they’re in a much better state than when we first arrived.” The proud mother continued, “I hope they excel at school and that they would know how to read and write when we go back to Syria.”


Advocating for the truth, beauty and goodness of the Bible




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