Sower Magazine

Spring 2023 Edition

A message from the CEO

Dear Friend,

This edition of Sower you are receiving has made me ask the question: what does my future look like, and how am I approaching it? So, I’ll ask you the same question: what does your future look like?

Perhaps you are looking forward to milestones as your children or grandchildren grow, new opportunities to serve at your church, working diligently in your profession, or even anticipating retirement. Or perhaps you, like the children Bible Society is reaching around the world, face suffering and uncertainty in your future. How reassuring is it, that we can turn to God in these times of uncertainty, confident in his promise of love, trusting that he holds our future in his hands.

God Bless.

Grant Thomson


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Pray with us

These pictures were taken during a reconcile program (project 60509) in a Syrian refugees camp in Lebanon in the first half of 2017.</p>
The program goal is to create a positive atmosphere of reconciliation and forgiveness through creative presentations of Bible stories and Christian values.</p>

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