Sower Magazine

Summer 2023 Edition

A message from the CEO

Dear Friend,

This Sower edition emphasizes illuminating God’s Word in Oceania, especially during Christmas. Despite challenges like unreliable electricity and limited online connectivity, our South Pacific and Papua New Guinea neighbors are eager for God’s Word.

Your support helps them translate and distribute the Bible, instilling hope and inspiration in their communities. Stories of Bible translators like Elder Yama, who received a new laptop, and faithful Christians like Kata, who sees the transformative power of Jesus’ teachings in her village, highlight the impact of your support.

This edition also includes a snapshot of our Annual Impact Report for 2022-2023, showcasing the global reach of Bible Society’s mission. Let’s continue to illuminate God’s Word for our Oceania brothers and sisters, trusting in God’s sustaining love.

God Bless.

Grant Thomson


Dive into some of the stories from our Summer edition:

Pray with us

Please join us in praying for our Bible Society mission partners in the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea. Pray for them as they seek to illuminate God’s word across Oceania through their Bible distribution and Bible engagement work as well as efforts to translate the Bible into heart languages across this region.


This Christmas, you can help Open The Bible to our neighbours

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