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Autumn 2022 Edition

A message from the CEO

If I asked you, what is your favourite Bible verse, no doubt you would have no trouble answering. The Bible is full of extraordinary wisdom, and different parts of that wisdom speak into the hearts of Christians around the world and rests there for a lifetime.

Why? Because the word of God is alive and active. The stories you will read in this Autumn edition of Sower will gladden your heart, as you read of people who have come to faith because of one Bible verse; who have rested in God’s love because of one Bible verse; whose entire purpose in life has been defined because of one Bible verse.

In our Autumn faith story by Naomi Reed, Spring reminds us that no one can stop you from praying. Spring and her brothers and sisters prayed for their parents consistently, that they would come to faith. It was Acts 16:31 that spurred them on: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.” (NIV)

BSA’s Translation Consultant, Sam Freney, a man immersed in God’s word, loves the promise of restoration offered in 1 Peter 5:10 (NIV) “The God of all grace…after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you…”

For Nguyen Van Nhung, it was the words in John 3:36. He tells us that Jesus freed him through that one verse.

Many people around the world still only have fragments of God’s word translated into the language of their birth. But the life-changing power of the Bible does its work with whatever is available for people at that time.

Mongolian Christians are desperately waiting for a more contemporary translation of their Bible. In the meantime, the Mongolian Bible Society team are using contemporary technology to nurture the souls of these eager Christians. Bible verses are being published on Facebook every day and as a book of the Bible is completed, it is made available on their mobile app. Praise God!

One of my favourite Bible stories is of the faithfulness of Caleb. God recognised Caleb’s commitment, and in both Numbers and Joshua, Caleb is specifically named for his ‘wholehearted’ dedication to God.

How about you? What verses speak into your heart each and every day?

God Bless,
Grant Thomson

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