2013 was a year of building: not physical building, but building up our staff team, our resources for mission, and our reputation as a national and international Bible agency. We have grown our work in schools, in the public square, in publishing, and in international and indigenous literacy. We have continued to consolidate our service operations, as we look for ways of ensuring as much of the donor dollar as possible is spent on our mission work.

Highlights for the year include our merger with the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), national media coverage for our Flying Bible Ministry and translation support for the Ptijantjatjara project, assisting in the completion of the Yumplatok Shorter Bible for the Torres Strait people, and publication of three popular books on the role of the Bible in our culture.

We also continue to spread the Word around the world. In 2013, we supported major literacy projects in Rwanda and China, as well as Bible production and distribution in China through the Amity Press (subsidising another 1.7 million Bibles!). We worked with local churches in Papua New Guinea on two Bible translation projects, Gogodala and Motu, as well as various projects in over a dozen other countries.

We are very grateful for all our wonderful supporters, but want to especially note the intrepid Bike for Bibles teams, who covered 7,231 kilometres on the Australia Big Ride (our biggest ever!) and raised tens and thousands of dollars for our work. Thanks to everyone who participates in this wonderful society, as we enter into our 197th year of operation!

In the Lord
Greg Clarke

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Thanks to YOU the Word continues to be spread wider and further every year. Your donations, prayers and volunteer work really do make a difference!

To explore the projects that we're involved in this year please visit biblesociety.org.au/projects-international