Mega Voice - North Kenya Distribution


Bible Society is partnering with MegaVoice and the Church Missionary Society (CMS) to distribute five thousand audio Bibles into homes and villages in North Kenya.

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The predominately Muslim region of North Kenya covers a vast area bordering Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. This vast region is predominately a tribal area with many ongoing conflicts. Marsabit County is one of the most impoverished and underdeveloped regions in Kenya. It has sparse infrastructure and extremely limited services. Those who live there move around with their livestock, over the vast terrain of semi-desert areas. Illiteracy in the country is also high. This has serious ramifications for performance at school; school attendance is low during droughts and cattle raids. 35% of school aged children do not attend.

For over three years, audio Bibles from MegaVoice have been distributed in this region through CMS, who monitor the needs of the beneficiaries. Placing audio Bibles into the hands of the people works well; they can hear God speak as they tend their animals, often far away from their homes. Many locals are seeing the difference God’s word can make.

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