Now in 700 languages

Celebrating a milestone in Bible translation

Together we can Open The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible

Unprecedented momentum

For the first time ever, the Bible is available in 700 languages. This means that 5.7 billion people or 80 per cent of the world have access to a full Bible in their own language. In the past five years alone, supporters of Bible Society worldwide have given 50 language groups the joy of reading Genesis to Revelation in their mother tongue.

In addition, there’s the Digital Bible Library®, set up to enable hundreds of millions of people to access Scripture through websites and apps. The library has recently reached the milestone of bringing together 2,500 texts in 1,622 languages used by over 5.7 billion people.

It’s reason to celebrate, as never before has Bible translation enjoyed such momentum. Increased collaboration across agencies, advances in technology and faithful supporter investment have all helped Bible translation pick up speed – and God’s word is spreading faster than ever!

Great joy, but still a great need

Bible Society is so grateful for everyone who has been involved in, given towards, and prayed for Bible translation work. We rejoice with those who can now pick up a Bible and glean from it God’s truths. But though the Bible is available in 700 languages, our work is far from over. See the Bible Translation Landscape for a quick grasp of both the progress and the need.

Bible Society and translation partners are pressing ahead to bring the life-changing message of God’s word to the 1.5 billion people still without a full Bible. For 250 million people, representing more than half of the world’s languages, there is no Scripture in their language at all.

Bible Society Australia wants this to change. We want to Open The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible. For this reason we are supporting vital translation and distribution projects here in Australia and around the world.

Your support is crucial to the work of translating God’s word, and we are so thankful for those who give, and pray. Your involvement is helping our First Peoples, those who communicate in Auslan, and others worldwide to Open The Bible in their own language – the one that speaks most to their heart.

United Bible Societies is a fellowship of Bible Societies working in more than 240 countries and territories. Together, and by God’s grace, we are the world’s biggest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible. In the last five years, Bible Societies around the world have distributed over 1.8 billion Scriptures.

United Bible Societies and other Bible translation agencies are determined to make Scriptures available in every language. For the first time in history, this is a realistic goal in our generation.

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