Literacy for Rural Christians

Literacy in China


The Church in China is growing faster than we can imagine. A million people come to faith every year*. The majority of the Christians in China live in rural areas and a high percentage of them are non-literate or semi-literate. Christians need Bibles and they need to be able to read God’s word. There is a great need to conduct literacy classes to help rural Christians read the Bible so that they can come to a deeper understanding of the Christian faith.

The need

For most of the elderly Christians who mainly live in rural parts of the country, their one deep desire is to be able to read God’s word before they meet their Maker. According to the China Statistical Yearbook, as of 2019, there are over 57 million non-literate people above 15-years-old in China. Of this number, about 75% are women, due to cultural and traditional practices that deprioritise female education. Most Chinese Christians are included amongst this number as they were not able to receive an education. The need for literacy classes is significant.

Spiritual growth occurs when people are better equipped to understand sermons and Bible teachings. Confidence levels also increase, especially when it comes to serving the church, even at old age.

Improved literacy also enhances the quality of life experienced in other areas. For example, people can be better informed of developments and changes in policies that affect them and be able to make more informed decisions for themselves.

Additionally, it helps to address the church’s concern over the widespread infiltration of cults found mainly in rural areas. Biblical literacy will help Christians discern between true and false teachings, and prevent believers from being swayed by heresies.

Please help us teach Chinese Christians basic literacy skills so that they can read and understand God’s word for themselves.

*based on conservative estimates

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